Privacy Notice for Job Applicants - BMT Group

Please read this Privacy Notice carefully. It explains why and how we collect your personal information, how we protect it and for how long we keep it. We will keep your data as secure as possible and protect it against loss and unauthorized disclosure or access, and we will handle your personal data in strict compliance with applicable data protection legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 ("AVG").

This Privacy Notice applies when you apply for any job with one of the companies of BMT Group, by completing one of the forms on the job page of the website or in any other way.

This Privacy Notice has been prepared as a Q&A ('Questions & Answers') list.


1. Who will process my personal data?

The data controller for your personal data is the legal entity of BMT Group to which you have applied.

You can find the data of all companies of the BMT Group via the following link:

Please note that when you are visiting our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, cookies are processed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Based on these cookies, we can gather information - in a completely anonymous way - about the public visiting our social media pages. For further information about why and how personal data are processed in this context, we revert to the Privacy and Cookie Policies of these platforms:


2. For what purpose and on what legal basis will my personal data be processed?

The purpose for which your personal data are processed is to register your application for employment in our company and, if this application leads to the start of a selection procedure, a profile of you will be created, which means that we will process all the necessary data required to assess your application with a view to a possible recruitment. This assessment may also include an assessment by an external party. 

The processing of your personal data is therefore necessary in order to be able to take measures prior to the conclusion of an employment contract and it is in our justified interest, i.e. the interest to assess you before making an offer of employment, which also seems to us to be in your interest (or at least our interests are not overridden by your interests).

In the event of a positive assessment and decision to hire you, we will also use your personal data to prepare the employment contract.

In the event of a decision not to hire you, we will retain your personal data for a specific period as well (see point 7) in order to be able to contact you if any future job opportunities would seem to match your profile. This is also in our legitimate interests unless you would object to this.

Finally, we will store your personal data which we collected in the context of the recruitment process in order to protect us against potential legal claims during the statute of limitations (= the period during which a legal claim could be initiated against us).


3. What categories of personal data will be processed?

Personal data includes all information relating to you or on the basis of which you may be identified.

Anonymous data, without the possibility to identify you, are therefore not considered as personal data.

For the purposes mentioned above, the processing of personal data includes:

You are not obliged to provide us with this information. If you do not do this, it may have a negative impact on your chances of being recruited.


4. Who will have access to my personal data?

HR and your intended manager(s) will have access to your personal data on a strict need-to-know basis for the purposes set out above.

We will not forward your details to other parties, with the possible exception of 'assessment centres' etc. or any other third party if this is relevant to the recruitment process.

Data can also be shared with other companies within the BMT group (see the link under 1 above).

The confidentiality of your personal data is guaranteed.


5. Will my personal data be transferred outside the EEA?

We will not disclose your personal data to recipients located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) whose legislation does not provide the same level of data protection.


6. Is automated decision-making applied?

Automated decision-making is defined as decisions concerning individuals which are based solely on automated data processing and which produce legal effects or significantly affect the individuals concerned.

As a matter of principle, we do not use automated decision-making as described above. We do not base our decision as to whether or not to hire you solely on automated data processing of your personal data.


7. How long will my personal data be stored?

We keep your personal data for the period necessary for the purposes mentioned above.

If your application does not lead to a working relationship, your personal data will be kept for a maximum period of five years after the end of the recruitment process for the purposes set out in section 2 above.

Images from surveillance cameras shall be kept for a maximum of one month, unless the images can contribute to proving nuisance, a crime or damage or to identifying an offender, a troublemaker, a witness or a victim.


8. What rights can I invoke in connection with the processing of my personal data?

You can contact us at any time for assistance with the application or the management of your personal data. You also have the right to contact us at any time with the request to:

If you would like more information about the processing of your data, your rights or an explanation of this notification, you can always contact us via


9. Changes

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice from time to time, within the limits of the applicable privacy and data protection regulations.